EXR Network Render Fix

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Richard Annema, Patrik Buckau

Trying to add more channels than default when network rendering out files to the .exr-format is a scourge. They get lost somewhere on the way. This little collection of script forces the channels to be there even on the computers on your farm as they render.

Remember to save BEFORE executing a script.
Then do an incremental save (save +) after the script is executed.
Then send it off to network rendering.

See MaxScript Help and search for "exrio" for more info on how to tweak this. Please let me know of any cool updates you have on this script.

Use it at you own risk!
No support provided.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9, 3ds Max 2008, 3ds Max 2009
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EXR_NeReFix_Z.ms511 bytes
EXR_NeReFix_mtl_ID.ms513 bytes
EXR_NeReFix_node_ID.ms515 bytes
EXR_NeReFix_normal.ms509 bytes
EXR_NeReFix_obj_ID.ms511 bytes
EXR_NeReFix_UVW.ms512 bytes
EXR_NeReFix_velocity.ms512 bytes