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[UPDATE!] See description below for more

This Tool is useful for extruding border edges of an editable poly. You can also add a tilting angle and choose to use corrected corners.

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How to use / installation:

If you still have version 1.0 installed, make sure to delete the old files before installing the new one. You need to delete “RacoonScripts_Extend_Borders.mcr” and “extend_borders.mse” in your 3dsmax installation folder (files should be in /scripts/RacoonScripts and the /UI/Macroscripts or /usermacros or /Macroscripts folders, depending on max version.

The easiest way to install it is to run the .mcr via the “Scripting” menu + “Run Script” command. After that, open the “Customize User Interface” dialog and locate the tool in the category “RacoonScripts”. After you have made a hotkey, menu item or button, simply select some edges of your editable poly object and start the tool.

Extrusion Depth = the absolute amount the new edges are extruded
Angle = The tilting angle of the extrusion
Smoothing Group, Inherit = Inherits the smoothing group ID from the adjacent faces
Respect loop ends = If you are not using straighten corners, selections that end on corners are extruded perpendicular to the bending, if this is not desired, activate this option – it will extrude the those edge perpendicular to only the selected edges.

Tips & Tricks:

Alt + Apply = negate the angle value and apply
Alt + Cancel = undo the last apply

Known problems:

* Distorted polygons (e.g. skewed and rotated) may be problematic for the straighten corners algorithm. It’s better to disable this feature in these cases.
* Since it’s a Maxscript it is not very fast in calculation speed. Higher edge counts may slow down the tool considerably.


v1.2 - 2019/11/25
- added compatibility for max 2020 (some random thing changed for some reason, hooray!)

v1.1 – 2019/04/27
– materialIDs are ported to new faces
– fixed the updating issues in max 2017 and up
– removed encryption, have fun reading but keep in mind that this spaghetti code is OLD (and awful)!

v1.0 – 2014/05/31
– initial release

Version Requirement: 
tested with max 2014, should also work with earlier and later versions
straightencorners_cmprspd.gif1.55 MB


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The Jovial Brit's picture

That file isn't in that folder?

Hey I searched in that location and RacoonScripts.ini isn't in that folder so I can't even delete it.

It really sucks because 3DS Max 2017 has just become a crash-fest, as in it crashes so randomly. 3DS Max 2020 is stable but I can't get this thing to work.

old man's picture


add option its works with line

KurcoGrahic's picture

Thats it

yep, deleting the .ini file solved it. finally i can have good extrusions again :D

Thank you for the fast response

DeadClown's picture

The window is probably still

The window is probably still there, just outside the screen area. The window position is saved in this ini file: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2020 - 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg\RacoonScripts.ini
If you just delete the file it will reset the window position and it should pop up again next time you start the script. Hope that helps, let me know if that solved your issue :) .

KurcoGrahic's picture


I`m probably doing something wrong but,

I`ve deleted previous versions, even in the User folder, and after installing the mcr file, in quad popup menu or as a macro button, the script just runs default settings, without the popup window to adjust andgle and extrude amount. Is it me or?

Max 2020 update 2020.2

By the way, best script on the market, huge lifesaver

miauu's picture



DeadClown's picture

Took me a while to find it

@liuqianbo and @The Jovial Brit :
Took me a while to find it but I updated the script and it now works with max 2020 ;)

I didn't say something the first time you blatantly plugged your commercial stuff under my (free) script, but twice?!

miauu's picture
The Jovial Brit's picture

So unfortunate that it doesn't work in ver.2020

Firstly I want to thank you for creating this script! It's a brilliant script and I've been using it for over a year now.

I used to use 3DS Max a lot but it seems that the older versions of 3DS become more temperamental as new releases arrive. I can't even use 3DS Max 2017 these days without it crashing randomly.

I've had to downgrade from 2020 to 2019 in hopes of being able to use this script!

This isn't a comment demanding that you fix it. It's actually a comment praising yourself and the script that you made!

I do hope it can be fixed soon though lol.

DeadClown's picture

I haven't even installed 2020

I haven't even installed 2020 yet but I'm already annoyed as hell that they seem to have broken something again... I'll have a look once I install 2020 but this might take a while.

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