Eyeon Fusion Job to Backburner

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This is a very simple script. (not really a maxscript, but useful for 3dsmax users)
It will allow you to use your backburner Manager to handle your Eyeon Fusion renders, using cmdjob.exe.

You have to copy the script on you fusion scripts comp folder (C:\Program Files\eyeon\Fusion 6.2\Scripts\Comp\).
Then you can access it at the Script top menu directly on fusion; you dont have to re-open Fusion for it to show.

There are options for your specific manager name, your fusion version (a few have been added) server group name (in case you want to assign one for nodes with fusion installed), number of fusion slaves to use (however many fusion render nodes licenses you have), and priority of your job on the manager.

You have to access the location where your fusion images will be saved to see the progress of the individual frames rendered, as it wont show in the manager(a limitation of cmdjob, or my knowledge of it)

Version Requirement: 
Has been tested with Fusion 6(6.1, 6.2 ,6.3) and backburner from max 2011
Other Software Required: 
Fusion, Backburner
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