FDK - Fast Drawing Kitchen

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Anastasijevski Cedomir

Script for 3ds Max to creating kitchen elements end slider closet with different types of fronts and cabinet, with basic V-ray materials.

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fdk_scripts_full_2.mzp, drag and drop into Your 3dsMAx. and install script.
This will be create a folder d:\Project KE 3dsMax ( ond D partition of disk)
Run one of 3 scripts, (KePanelFull v3_0.mse form d:\Project KE 3dsMax. It will require a license code
On this folder yuo can find FDKLicRequest.txt file with your ID of comp (mac adress).
This file sedn me or You can sand me your mac adress ( ID ) of comp where is 3ds Max.
I will send you a valid license cod.
The last version of Max on which it was tested is 2019 and should work on 2021 as well
Best regards.
For full version send me e-mail:[email protected]

Version Requirement: 
Written for 3dsMax 2016 and higher
Other Software Required: 
Vray for 3dsMax
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fdk_scripts_full_2.mzp13.05 MB