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Hamed Pourkerman

Hi Everybody
Recently I've Done a Simple 3dsmax Script For Making Number Of Feathers Which Every Single Feathers Can Control By Animator Plus Wind Simulation on Feathers and its Kind of Auto rigger For Feathers Stuff.
i am sure there will be some bugs , so please let me Know and Leave a comment if you find one . Thankyou :)
and i can make a howtouse Tutorial for that if i find out you are interested.

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Max 2014-2017
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hpk_autofeathers_v0.3b.mse61.05 KB


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Thank you aslan

hi aslan
Thanks for the useful suggestions and ideas .
No problem ,i can share the code file with you and that's very nice of you if you work on it, also i should tell you the code is nasty and not clean at all , at that time when i made this tool i wasn't so good at coding and i think you'll lost in the complexity of the simple stuff :D, it's easier for me to make it from scratch now :)

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Thanks for your great Script

this is really brilliant script.
just have some Ideas for this...

1) Have an option to save a Mirror version of Guide Points to load for the other Wing, would be wonderful

2) Have an interactive preview for Guide Points would be great.

and if you just share the .ms file of script, I would gladly do that for this Cool Script.

thanks again
پیروز و موفق باشید

michael@mjfielden.com's picture

Brilliant work...Well done!!

Can't wait to use it on my next project. Thank you


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thank you so much, great

thank you so much, great share, perfect, thanks again (y)

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Thank You :)

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This looks very good and useful. Thank you so much for sharing your work!


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Sure man , i am little busy now ,but i'll Make a tutorial for the Script soon :)
Thanks To Everyone For Great Comments :D

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It sceems Nice

Sir I'm beginner for 3ds max. i was waiting a long time for this kind of script so please make a tutorial about how to use it.


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wow, nicely done!

wow, nicely done!

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