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Finds instances of the selected object and does various things to them such as selecting them - printing their names - etc.

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Warnings And Bug Reports:

Feel free to install and use these scripts - however - I can't be held responsible for any problems that arise from their use. I will try and fix bugs or add features that people want - but I have limited free time and so can only promise to do my best. Before submitting a bug report - open the script in question in a text editor and look under the 'Known Issues' section to make sure your bug isn't already mentionned as something I'm aware of. Thanks.


All the scripts come packaged into a single zip file of interconnected scripts - - which includes all the scripts in the rest of the table below. Please download the most recent zip file only - and extract then into your 3dsmax root directory - for example - c:3dsmax. Make sure you have recurse subdirectories on (it's also called 'Use Folder Names' in more recent copies of winzip). The zip will then install a bunch of files and directories...

* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptsimages: This contains images required by the scripts.
* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptslib: This contains libraries of functions required by the scripts.
* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptspresets: This contains presets for the scripts - which you can save by hitting the 'SaveDef' button on any of the UI versions of the scripts. Don't edit any of these files unless you know what you're doing.
* c:3dsmaxscriptsSoulburnScriptsscripts: The scripts.
* c:3dsmaxuiicons: Adds a bunch of icons - they all start with the word 'SoulburnScripts_'.
* c:3dsmaxuimacroscripts: the SoulburnScripts.mcr file.

To uninstall the scripts - just delete all the files mentioned above. To install a new collection - just download the new zip and unzip them again into your 3dsmax directory - saying overwrite current files.


All of these scripts are run as macroscripts - ie - as buttons - keyboard shortcuts - quad menus - etc - just go to Customize - Customize User Interface - category SoulburnScripts. You can also use the macroscript called 'soulburnScriptsLister' to run any SoulburnScript. All scripts can be run in one of three modes...

* UI Mode. Which brings up a user interface floater that lets you modify parameters before running the script.
* Default Mode. Runs the script using the current default values. To change the default values - open the script first in UI mode - modify the values - hit 'SaveDef' to save the defaults - then close and run the script in default mode.
* Argument Mode. This is for maxscripters only - it lets you run the script by supplying it with your own set of values. This lets you integrate these tools into your own tools - or to bypass the default system.

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9, 8, 7
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