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0.5 BETA

" full replacement for the cumbersome and irritating interface of the shipping finalRender material. Cebas used part of this design (the locals rollout) in their patch releases without credit - which I guess is a backhanded compliment.
It has the following features:

  • All the rollouts take up much less space to reduce scrolling
  • Puts the commonly used parameters (fresnel IOR - etc.) in places that are easy to reach
  • Groups GI - caustics - and SSS controls in one 'lighting' rollout
  • Groups reflection/refraction controls in one 'raytracing' rollout
  • Uses more sensible defaults and labels for some settings (supersampling - glossy reflection sampling - etc.)
  • Grays out controls that have no effect when certain features are disabled
  • Generally trys to make things easier to use.
  • Take a look at the interface and you'll see why I wrote it.

    That's not to say it's perfect. Due to the limitations of maxscript - a couple of standard material features (like the specular curve preview and drag-drop on the tiny mapbuttons in the basic parameters rollout) aren't there. The interface is not as standardized with the rest of max's materials as I'd like it to be. And the toon parameters are totally broken due to a bug in finalrender.

    THIS IS BETA CODE. It works - but it has some debugging features in it at the moment that make everything show up twice in the material/map navigator. Use it in production at your own risk (I don't.) "

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    5; 4
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