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Delano Osterbrauck

FumeFX ModernUI is a tool for 3ds Max that helps reducing repetitive tasks when simulating with FumeFX. It has a clear interface (therefore the name) and comes with an easy to use installer.


  • Initial Simulation Setup - Hit a button and select afterwards an object in your scene (like in Houdini). FumeFX ModernUI will create an initial setup for you.
  • Voxel Count Based Simulation Quality - Adjust your simulation quality with precise voxel count control instead of testing grid spacing values.
  • Managed Folders - A Managed Folder is a folder which either will be extended by the name of the max scene file and an appropiate sim file name or you can use the versioning functionality.
  • Multiple Containers Simulation Mode - Simulate as many container as you like with the Multiple Simulation Mode.
  • Preview & Compare - Quickliy preview your current simulation up to the current slider time and compare two simulations in the RAM Player.
  • Switch File Extension - Quickly switch the file extension to FumeFXs native format to simulate faster or choose Field3D or OpenVDB for final output.
  • VrayVolumeGrid Connector - A drag-and-drop system that simplifies the process of creating VrayVolumeGrids and helps to change the linked simulation files of already existing VrayVolumeGrids.
  • Handy Interface
  • Installer - FumeFX ModernUI comes with an easy to use installer because a lot of files (icons, scripts, ini-files) have to be placed in their appropriate locations (e. g. your user directory). You can uninstall FumeFX ModernUI like any other application.

v1.2 Update

Compared to version 1.1 FumeFX ModernUI 1.2 gives the user access to more simulation modes (Default, Wavelet, Post) in Single and Multi Simulation Mode. Also new is the possibility to customize the simulation quality presets not only with the slider but with custom values (Max. Iterations, Quality) for each preset. Furthermore the new VrayVolumeGrid Connector helps setting up a FumeFX VrayVolumeGrid workflow and the new statistics section gives the user some additional information about their completed simulation(s).

If you want get further information on these features, please visit the website: FumeFX ModernUI

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2013 - 3ds Max 2017
Other Software Required: 
FumeFX 3.5 - FumeFX 4.1 // Win 7 - Win 10
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fajar's picture

I wonder if its good

I wonder if its good tho...with those big icon, I dont know if its resizable or not , but this could consume max workspace tho. For the simplicity I believe it s good enough tho

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