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"With a completely new and improved interface. Gametools offers every artist using Max a wide variety of helpful tools when editing their models.
Inside GameTools there are now 5 improved and brand new utilities!
These utilities are:

  • UVTools - Editing of UV coordinates on your model.
  • Mini Material Editor - An alternative to Max's material editor (deal purely with multimaterials).
  • UVDoctor - Realign UV coordinates on selected faces and remove UV tiling (useful for PS tiling issues).
  • Vertex Colour Factory - Adjust vertex colours on your model. Automatically preserve vertex colour boundaries. Also recognises soft selection for soft spot effects.
  • T-Pager - A powerful utility that builds T-Pages out of your models material bitmaps.
  • WalkThough - Lets you walk around your environment in a FPS manner.
  • "

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    6; 5
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