Geometry projection

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"Geometry projection" projects one or several objects or it's vertex selection on another along global or local x,y or z axis.

How it works

There are two ways of working with a script:

1. Run "Geometry projection". Select one or several objects you want to project, select relief object. Press needed X,Y or Z button. 2. Select at first object which will be projected, then select relief object. Run  "Geometry projection", script will automatically choose object and relief. Press needed X,Y or Z button. 

  Script moves object's vertexes to relief  surface. If surface not found, then vertex moves to pivot x,y or z coordinate. After that script adds Editable poly modifier to object's Modifier stack which contains all changes.
  Careful, script works not right with not changed standard primitives. So you can simply apply edit poly modifier or for example change sphere radius before using script.
  Script uses pivot point as "zero point" of the object. So it's better to place object's pivot point as close as possible to surface along current projection axis but within objects bounding box limits. You can use "Easy pivot" tool to do this.



1. Download and unzip "". 2. For right installation in Windows 7 you need admin rights to change the "Scripts"  folder , which is located in the root folder of 3ds Max. To get these rights do this: right-click on the folder "Scripts", select "Properties", then in the "security" set full access to the current user. 3. After receiving administrator rights on "Scripts"  folder  changing, just drag and drop " geometry_projection_setup.mzp" in the 3ds Max window. In the case of a successful installation, this screen appears:
This means that the script was successfully installed.  Now you can run it via "Scripts collect" tool or go to: Customize > Customize User Interface... > Toolbars > Category: "Tools", find the list " geometry_projection" and drag you to a convenient toolbar.


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Nik's picture

Thank you! Very useful!


ghostpro278's picture

Max 2017

So usefull !!! Thansk you very much

PV3D's picture

Max 2018 version


great script which is very useful. Will there be an update for max2018?


davidmajdi's picture

problem in the projection

hi . first tnx for this script
second . i have problem in use
i want project a simple face to a surface to make my every axis of mesh as same as together but it dont work.simply i put 2 meshes side together but it project wrong.

warpingpixels's picture

Thanks so much Fajar

If you have the same issue as me even after changing the security settings on the scripts folder, just run 3ds max 2017 as admin and use the main menu > scripting > run script method and it should work for you. Thanks again for the awesome script and thank you Fajar for your suggestion. Saved me!

fajar's picture

Its likely youre not running

Its likely youre not running on administrator mode [this is why I hate not in admin mode]. You might want to run max as administrator and re run it again.

warpingpixels's picture


Hello again, when I try to open through the main menu, scripting, run script method, I get an error message that reads "--Runtime error: Copy error on file: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\scripts\geom_proj_start.mse" Thanks for your quick response.

grover_gol's picture

max 2017

I've found a solution. Just go to main menu -> scripting -> run script...
and select installation mzp file. It works for me.

warpingpixels's picture

Any progress on the 2017 version?

Thanks for the awesome script but I'm having trouble as well with installation in 2017 max. Thanks again.

grover_gol's picture

Max 2016 2017 installation

Hi, there is a problem with installation of mzp files in new versions of the 3ds max (it does not work at all)
So I'll make zip version of distrib so you may just drag and drop folders in max root.

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