Gradient View Colors

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Branko Živković

With "Gradient View Colors" script you can set custom colors
(top and bottom color) for the vertical gradient as a
viewport background. This feature are included in 3dsmax2013.

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This script contains several color presets
that you can use and the possibility to adjust
this colors separately (to define your custom colors).
Also if you want to use preset color as Environment map color
just check bottom option in the script.

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version 1.1 update
added a few presets ("CloudGray" suggested by harumscarum)

Version Requirement: 
max2013 only
bga_gradientviewcolors.ms6.81 KB


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new version 1.1

The script is updated (only preset colors).
I noticed that you like "modo UI" :)
Your preset is under name "CloudGray".


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i use gamma 2.2

i use 2.2 gamma in max's settings so background looks like this

gradient_background.png 65.94 KB
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Ok. Now I understand. The

Ok. Now I understand.
The environment map must be lighter with only one map.
In your approach you use gradient , color correction Vray color, and gradient ramp map. This is heavy map.
By the way, nice idea.
I try to create this as separate script.


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spherical background for 2012

here what i'm using in 2012 as spherical background, but major problem that it must be in Environment and need to be changed every time if you want to render image with VRaySky for example

PS my suggested colors are in Gradient Map settings

maxstart.rar 25.18 KB
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About spherical background

Nice suggestion, harumscarum.
If you think about environment map it is possible,
but they will not match with viewport beckground.
Viewport beckground only support static vertical linear gradient mode.
Do you have any suggestions for prest colors?


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spherical background?

any way to make it rotatable?

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If you guys want more preset

If you guys want more preset colors please post your list of colors
and name of preset and I will upgrade script
- preset name: (...)
- top color: (color r g b)
- bottom color: (color r g b)


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