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GridWork is a set of tools for working with grid based tiles of geometry. It primarily features things like offsetting objects by the spacing and direction of the current grid, moving shifted off selections of geometry back on the grid, and replacing uninstanced pieces of geometry with instances of a reference object.


Additional Info: 

- Run the script using MaxScript -> Run Script
- Go to Customize -> Custom User Interface
- It can be found in a category called "# SmallpolyScripts" under the group "Main UI."
- Add it to a button, menu, etc.

Known Bugs:
- The offset function does not currently take hierarchical models into account. This causes child nodes to move in addition to their parent objects even though the movement has already been inherited. This issue also currently affects groups.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2018
gridwork_v1.2.mcr8.41 KB