HoHa SpringThem

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This is a small script I wrote to add spring motion to selections, as Max allow to change to spring motion controller only one at a time.

With this you can add spring motion to your selection, change the mass as well as the drag for better spring, or even set it to random within range so that you will have more random motion.

It is easy to use, and the script is simple. It supprises me that nobody have writen this yet.

Any comments, feedbacks are welcome.

The script is free to use :) giving back to the community :)

Thank you.

Note: tested with 3ds max 2012 and 2013. shouldnt have any problems with earlier versions, but let me know if there is any :)

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Usage: Just drag to the viewport.


  • Beta v0.2: Added remove button and make the Drag become float instead of interger.
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