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Selecting or applying material ID's with one click!

Rollout with button grid for selecting or setting material ID's of selected polys up to ID 24. Works with editable poly only. Displays selected poly's material ID if they're same.
Ctrl + click add specific IDs. Alt + click deselects specific IDs.

Want to set some specific material ID up to 24 to selected polys? One click.
Want to select polys with same material ID's of selected poly? One click.
Want to check if all desired polys have some material ID? One click.
Want to change all polys with material ID 4 to 8? Two clicks.

Version 1.5
- polygon counter & ID info working with Edit Poly modifier
- fixed bug with multiple calls when reopening rollout (not visible change)

Version 1.4
- support Ctrl + click for add specific IDs
- support Alt + click for deselect specific IDs

Version 1.3
- support for Edit Poly modifier (only basic button functions, counters not supported)

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2009
developer_tools-h_idchanger-1.2.zip8.36 KB
developer_tools-id_changer-1.2.mcr5.95 KB
developer_tools-h_idchanger-1.3.mcr6.82 KB
developer_tools-h_idchanger-1.4.mcr8.14 KB
developer_tools-h_idchanger-1.5.mcr8.82 KB


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fantastic script, thanks so

fantastic script, thanks so much!

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It changes material order

It changes material order too?

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Ctrl / Alt keys accepted. Adds / removes selected IDs.

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Thanks for this tool !!! It

Thanks for this tool !!!
It would be great to add selection ID and remove selection ID, as in max selection tool (add=clic+ctrl, remove=clic+alt) so we can make multi ID selection, or if is too difficult, a "clear selection" checkbox as in max.

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not working on multiple objects

Hello hunter_sk. All good, but not working on selection of multiple objects.

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Thank you,man! You are great! :)

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Updated to version 1.3
Edit Poly modifier accepted.

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Thank you

Thanks! Great script,but how to make it work with edit poly modifier ?

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After drag'n'drop script to 3ds Max you can find it in Developer Tools category.


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