Import Molecules

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Import molecule files for Chemistry or just for fun. Both PDB [Protein
Database] and MOL format files are supported. This script works in both max and

Commercial Script: Currently being sold on Turbosquid

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The MDL Chime browser
plug-in displays molecule files in the browser.
The href='' target=New>VMD program displays molecules
and supports a large number of rendering options.

However - while these
programs incorporate a knowledge of chemistry - neither of these programs
provides fine control over rendering and animation. The Import Molecule max
script imports the molecule files and creates max geometry that can be rendered
and animated at will.

Materials are created for each atom type. The atoms
and bonds are grouped for each molecule and the name of the group is based on
the name of the molecule. A material is created for each type of atom and the
color is set according to the CPK standard. The materials can be changed in any
way desired later on.

Unlike other rendering options - max allows far more
options for rendering. Note the shadows and bump texture in the above picture
and the lighting and rendering effects below. Of course all the animation
capabilities of max are also available.

Version Requirement: 
6; 5; 4
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