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The visual maxscript editor has issues... doesn't make nice code and is generally useless.  So instead I made this...

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Run the mcr file and find it in your customise user interface windows under 'DW Tools'

Version 1_0 - Release
Version 1_1 - Bug fixed which could allow nested groups, which maxscript doesn't like and would therefore crash.
Version 1_2 - Released unencrypted so that it works in 3dsmax 2017 and well... because who doesn't like to learn (judge) from other people's code....

Version 1_3 - Bug Fix: Deleting groups now works...
Bug Fix: Data is maintained when you open/close/open the tool
Main UI is now resizable
ProgressBar Control switches orientation automatically
ListBox, MultiListBox, ComboBox and Dropdownlist now have move item up/down controls.

 Version 1_4 - More Rollout properties exposed, Bugs fixed with escape characters, duplicate names of controls bug removed. 
New Feature: Store and load UIs, have live resize information saved, 



Version Requirement: 
Only tested on 3dsmax 2016 but should work for all versions.
dw_interactiverolloutbuilder_v1_3.mcr116.66 KB
dw_interactiverolloutbuilder_v1_4.ms128.13 KB


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mrsamlarge's picture

Groups always appear at the bottom?

Is there any way to make groups appear just below the selected element, rather than always at the bottom?

This tool is absolutely wonderful - it kick started my enthusiasm into scripting!

Haider of Sweden's picture


Hello Dave!

I have to say that this is one really cool script!

These are the error message I receive when I run the latest versions (1.3 worked without any issues)

Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined

Kind regards

3dartist's picture

Nice script!

Thanks Dave! :)

DaveWortley's picture

Any more info?

Haven't got 2017 to test right now.... make sure you've got the latest version.

Can you give me the error report from the maxscript listener? Press F11 to open it in max.

imgestudyo's picture

2017 eror

script erorring 2017

DaveWortley's picture

Loading / Saving

Hi Oncire,

Yes that's certainly part of the plan, originally I thought the loadMaxscript section would do this but it was harder than I thought to implement. I will also look at making it so you can have multiple rollouts per project too for more complex ones.

Thanks for your feedback


DaveWortley's picture


Yep, the delete groups bug is known, and will be fixed soon.

The lack of parameters for group is correct, if you want the parameters you must use the GroupBox instead.

Thanks for reporting will put a new update up today hopefully!

oncire's picture

cool script

tried the script. easy to use. Can add "save project", load project?, particularly useful for building large/complex ui so to be able to continue the project at later time. Also there's a bug deleting "group"

TitusLVR's picture

Yep for sure:step1 - Create

Yep for sure:
step1 - Create a group (there are no parameters or they are not active - this is strange)
step2 - it's crashes only when i try to delete "group start" or "group end"

I hope you will fix this. The rest of features work. Anyway it's a super handy tool.

DaveWortley's picture


@TitusLVR can you tell me exactly what you did please? Creating a group works for me here.

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