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Rearranges loops in regular n-gons.

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This modeling tool works with edge loops on planar and curved surfaces as well as cross-sections and accepts multiple loops at once. Valid loops must be closed, not branching and not connected to each other.

Installation: Drop the .mzp file in a viewport. The macroscript is saved in the userMacros folder. The tool is accessed through the right-click quad menu of editable poly objects when in edge, border or polygon sub-object mode. When downloading the file, its extension is sometimes changed to .zip. Just change it back to .mzp before dropping it in max.

For further customization, the tool appears under Regularize Edge Loop (Poly) in the Editable Polygon Object category of the Customize User Interface dialog.

v1.1: Just a tiny change in the code.  Works the same but is a little faster and clearer.

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max 9 and above
RegularizeEdgeLoop.mzp2.58 KB


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Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much I run it

Thank you so much I run it with version 2016

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.mzp it is same zip archive

.mzp it is same zip archive only with different filename extension. Just rename it to .mzp after download.

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

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I need help

Need help..

How to change the .zip to .mzp.
Keeps downloading as a .zip .


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@kavehmad , I'm using 2012, and it works fine.

After installing the script, restart your instance of Max. Remember the script won't show up unless you're using an Editable Polygon object. It won't work with Edit Poly modifier. You can download a separate update to this script from someone else, which will work with the modifier.

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It creates a circle alright,

It creates a circle alright, but it is rotated like hell. Is this something specific to version Max 2014?

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it doesn't work version 2012

it doesn't work version 2012

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bergamasque, install this way

Customize > Customize User Interface > Quads > Group: Main UI, Category: Editable Polygon Object > Regularize Edge Loop (Poly)
Then just add it to a quad menu. If you're using the EditPoly re-write of this script, to use on edit poly modifiers, then find it under rapidTools > Regularize Edge Loop (EditPoly).
Either way, just Run the script from your Maxscript menu first.

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Adding to right-click menu

And how can you add it to the right-click menu like dropping the script in the viewport does ? I find it a convenient spot and I would like to make it permanent.

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It is working in 2016 and it should be in Group - Main UI; Category - Editable Polygon Object; Regularize Edge Loop (Poly). Then you have to move it where you want it or add shortcut.

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