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Script MailRenderCam v2.2.2 for 3dsmax 2011 (also works in 3dsmax 8, 9, 2008, 2009, 2010). Should work in 2012 and 2013 too.
Opens max-files one-by-one and render every camera (if no cameras in scene then render perspective view).
It is possible to archive the results by WinRAR and send to e-mail by The Bat!,
after working script may turn PC off or to standby mode.
Script shows detailed info about all actions in the MAXScript Listener.

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Script MailRenderCam v2.2.2

1. Utilities Panel > MAXScript > Run Script
2. Find and open mailrendercam_2.2.2.mse
3. In the Utilities dropdownlist select MailRenderCam v2.2.2


Turn off checkbox "Current scene only" if you want to render more than single file.

Button "Path to max-files" sets the folder, where script searches max-files to render.
After picking the folder script loads these scenes one-by-one, checks is destination image-file was set or not and prints all data into MAXScript Listener.
If you have some scene already opened before strating the script then appropriate folder automatically appears in the textfield by default.

Counter "Pause in seconds" sets the pause between end of rendering and start of sending by e-mail.
You need that pause for WinRar and the Bat to operate properly.

Buttons "WinRAR folder" and "The Bat folder" set appropriate folders (if script somehow wasn't set these folders automatically after start).

Textfield "Mail to:" sets Receiver e-mail (full address without spaces).

Textfield "Mail from": sets Sender account in The Bat (part of e-mail address before @) without spaces.
For example in my case:

Press button "Start Render" to launch rendering process.

Enjoy. 1асс