Make Spline Knots Planar

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Make Spline Knots Planar

Miauu wrote a script for me years ago that did this, it looked more elegant and I got a lot of use out of it. I lost it, he couldn't find it, so I just wrote one from scratch. The reason why the unit system is included was because I didn't really catch on that Display units were different than System units, so you really need to know what your system units are before you try and move knots around. The controls are disabled by default. There's some minor error checking if you're trying to do this without selecting knots. Finally you can control the type of knots via the top menu.

I doubt this gets much use since I found zero help online for this kind of thing, but let me know if there's a problem. Also feel free to use this however you want, you do NOT need to credit me. You can even pretend you made it. Maybe some schmuck will actually buy it from you?

Also I accept all forms of constructive criticism on the code, feel free to let me know how bad it is. I only saw a BSOD a few times. just kidding

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Should work on almost every version of max 2009+
No guarantees though

DO NOTE: The Category for the MacroScript (.mcr) version is __MSKP if you don't want that category defiling your beautiful customize window by being at the tippy top, I suggest you change it, it's the first line of the script.

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