Marty the Henchscript

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Ghassan Abboud
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Marty the Henchscript is a good tool for manipulating a spefcific property of a group of objects.

v0.3b :

  • Scene Mode is avalaible.
  • Added Undo.
  • Bugs fix.
  • TrackBar Markers

  • (1) Opens the log window, works only when [Apply] (11) is used.
  • (2) Toggle between Selection Mode and Scene Mode.
  • (3) List the selected object :
      Selection Mode : the selceted objects will be listed, however, Marty will work on the highlited ones.
      Scene Mode : the objects in the scene will be listed. Marty will work on the highlited ones.
  • (4) Collects and lists the objects' classes or Modifiers of the objects listed in (3).
      When a class or Modifier is selected, the highlited objects in (3) will be updated.
  • (5) Collects and lists the propereties of the selected class od modifier in (4).
  • (6) Isolates highlited objects :
      Selection Mode : the non-highlited objects will be deselected.
      Scene Mode : the non-lighted objects will be renmoved from the list,
  • (7) Toggle between objects' class and modifiers.
  • (8) New value.
  • (9) Adds variation to the new value when applying to a selection of objects :
      [R] : Adds randomness.
      [A] : Adds value in ascending order.
      [D] : Adds value in descending order.
  • (10) Variation value.
  • (11) Applies the new value to the selected objects.
  • (12) Change value on the fly.
  • Your feedback, comments and bug reports are highly appreciated.

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