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Max 2 Unity is a script I made to improve my workflow when creating game assets for Unity.
It allows me to quickly iterate on assets and easily change them without losing any Unity scene data.
Select the folder in your Unity project in which you want to put your meshes ( Ex : _Meshes )
and press export.
It will export FBX models according to the settings you've set, and when going back into Unity, Unity itself will reimport the meshes and apply the corresponding changes.

Max2Unity also correct the model orientation for unity import.
Several other small tools are included into the script, such as quick actions ( Reset Xform, Change Pivot, Setting to 0,0,0), Attach all selected, Quick MultiMat adding and Quick UV2 unwrapping for lightmaps.

By coupling Max 2 Unity and custom C# scripts in Unity, I can add Custom Mesh Colliders and Shadow Proxies to my model right at import time.
This is what [Add MCOL] and [Add SP] buttons are for.

Max 2 Unity uses Max Layering system to organize the models imported into Unity in folders, each folder corresponding to a Max layer.

I haven't tested it with Rigged characters, because I simply don't have the need for it, but I will probably add support for them when I'll need it.

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3ds Max 2014
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