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Lorne Brooks

A multi-method browser used to quickly find and display maxfiles using one of four methods from which you can Open or Merge from.

# HISTORY method: Displays maxfiles most recently accessed, as well as a dropdown list of recently accessed paths. Dynamically updates as files are opened to reflect the most recent history file and paths order.

# SCENE method: Displays maxfiles found in the current scene file path. Includes an Up Arrow button and a Browse button to temporarily browse paths away from the current scene file path. Dynamically updates as files are opened (or UI reloaded) to reflect the current scene file path. The Refresh button will reload the maxfiles list to match the current scene file path.

# FOLDERS method: Displays maxfiles based on user defined paths (folder favorites).

# FILES method: Displays maxfiles based on a text file list of user specified maxfiles (file favorites).

Features in general:

- Includes basic substring name filtering to help you quickly narrow down a long list (wildcards not supported). There's a 'x' button provided to quickly clear the filter.

- Most methods have the ability to display files in subfolders (Recurse option), or only what is in a root folder (depending on the method).

- A Quiet option is enabled by default in Settings to suppress errors and warnings such as: incompatible (newer) Max versions, missing texture maps, MassFX warnings, etc.

- The contents of a loaded list can be dumped with full paths to a text file (for many uses).

- The currently open scene file is always displayed at the bottom of the UI along with a button to open Explorer at that location.

- An optional toggle in Setttings for a longer UI - off by default.

- An optional toggle in Settings for persistent filters - off by default. If enabled, a string entered into a filter textbox will remain (along with the filtered list) when switching between browser methods or after reloading the UI.



Simply select a maxfile from the relevant list and click Open or Merge down the bottom of the UI.

Alternatively, Control+LeftClick to Open or Shift+LeftClick to Merge from a selected file in any list - this works on all methods.


HISTORY method:

SCENE method:

FOLDERS method:

FILES method:




Version 1.6;

- Added a Settings rollout containing: a Quiet mode toggle applicable for all browser methods, a Longer UI toggle, and a Persistent Filters toggle which is applied across all browser methods.

- Added a clear filter string button 'x' for all filter edit boxes.


Version 1.5;

- History method now displays folder paths in the dropdown sourced from a stored custom list of the most recently accessed unique paths opened by the browser. The most recent path is always

at the top. The list defaults to the history items stored in the 3dsmax.ini (if any).


Version 1.4.1;

- Fixed a bug where the script crashed if attempting to browse a folder or subfolders with system access denied.

- Override browsing (i.e. using the Browse button) can now be done in the Scene method without a scene already open.


Version 1.4;

- Added an Up button and a Browse button for the Scene method to enable temporary path browsing away from the current scene file path. Also added a Refresh button to quickly sync the list

with the current scene file path.

- Missing maxfiles while the UI is open and displaying them in the maxfiles list will now be caught.

- Minor UI button changes to Folders method.

- Bug fixes.


Version 1.3;

- Added a History browser method for accessing maxfiles based on the XML stored list of recent files, as well as a dropdown list of the most recently accessed folder paths.

- Added an edit field for simple substring name filtering of maxfile items in the list boxes for each browser method.

- Added the ability to add the currently open scene to the text file when using the Files browser method.

- Added current scene display to the bottom of the UI for all browser methods, with an Explorer browse button.

- Added a toolbar icon.

- Quiet modes now display errors when attempting to open or merge from newer 3dsMax version files.

- Subfolders are now more obviously displayed in the list boxes using "..\" prefix.

- Changed Text browser method to now be called "Files" externally.

- Removed the "***  Dump To Text File  ***" button from Files browser method (redundant).

- Reduced overall height of the UI (since it has filtering now).


Version 1.2;

- Added the ability to Control+LeftClick to open a file or Shift+LeftClick to merge from a file selected from the listbox for all methods.


Version 1.1;

- Contact email changed.


Version 1.0;

- First release.


Additional Info: 

The script can be found in category “LB Tools”.


Drag the MZP file into your Max viewport.

Files will be copied to...



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3dsmax 2008-2019
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