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Mesh Foot is a 3DS Max plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate exported .3DS or .OBJ mesh sequences into existing scenes without re-animating - re-boning - or re-skinning anything.
This unique concept allows you to treat an imported mesh sequence as if it were video footage - simplifying the integration of Poser mesh exports into 3DS Max. Each Mesh Foot object has it's own Out-Of-Range Setting - Scale and Time Stretch updating within the scene as you scrub the timeline.

Additional Info: 

The installer does not supply any 'mesh sequences' to work with. It does supply a poser animated horse files that you can use to create your own mesh sequence from.

Version Requirement: 
9; 8; 7; 6; 5;
Other Software Required: 
It helps to have Poser so you can create exported .3DS or .OBJ sequences.
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