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mR_pRime is a script for Autodesk 3dsmax 7 and 7.5 containing preset render settings for the included mental ray renderer. Each preset have been carefully optimized for both speed and quality - resulting in easy and quick view of your renders.

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Version 0.75 Update: Latest version of mR_pRime available v.075. Alot of speed and quality improvements aswell as support for mental ray 3.4 in max 7.5. Max 7 (mr 3.3) users may experience loss of quality :) Also new website and a testscene.

The five different presets are optimizing settings in the following areas:
-All lights in scene : Mental Ray Shadow maps - Scanline Shadow maps - Mental Ray area shadows
-SSS Shaders in scene
-Anti-aliasing sampling
-Global illumination - Final Gather and caustics (GI and caustics also different optimization if FG is off)
-Raytrace depths (Reflective/Refractive/tracedepth)

It also features a nice little preview window running a 'modified version' of the 'low' settings for a even quicker preview of your scene.

Version Requirement: 
7.5; 7
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