mr Render Reporter

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Bogdan Bogdanovic

Overall functionality and advantages

  • The script generates a report by opening each .max file from a specified directory
  • The report is saved as a .txt file where each .max file is formatted as a separate paragraph for better readability
  • The reports are very useful in an environment where more people have to collaborate.
  • Each person can just look at the report and easily determine what settings were used for each .max file
  • The other benefit is when you have to batch render more files and you want to make sure you used specific settings for each file
  • Easy to use, very fast script

The generated report contains:

  • FileName .max
  • Full path of .max file
  • Render Output File
  • Image Resolution
  • Area to Render
  • Active Viewport
  • Environment Map
  • Exposure Control
  • Final Gather State (Enabled, Disabled)
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General Usage Instructions

  • Run the script from Exchange Store Menu available in menu bar. Please refer screenshot Exchange Store Menu.
  • Select Import Directory that contains .max files.
  • Press Generate Report button and select where to save the report (.txt file).
  • Use this script for Mental Ray only!
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014+
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