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Sven Fraeys


MaxScript Project Manager is a tool for MaxScript Developers.

MSPM will assist in creating, developing and publishing projects.

This way the developer only needs to think about developing his tool and nothing else.

The biggest advantage of this tool is the ability to create a ready-to-go mzp within seconds. This with a solid customizable installer-template. 

Every created mzp-installer is "MaxScript Manager" compatible. (norman3D), this gives the ability to make your users aware if there are any new updates for your tool.

(more information and video tutorials coming soon)



Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9 - 2010 - 2011
Other Software Required: 
WinRar (MZP - for install package)


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mikemike37's picture

just to say thanks

thank you for this :)

Script_Butler's picture

Thanks for the reply.They

Thanks for the reply.

They aren't a group of similar scripts, they are all my scripts. Basically I have a folder with all my scripts in to keep it all tidy.

Surely each script should be seperated from each other. I don't understand why that's not the normal thing to do?

The problem I have is when i try and compile one script with icons etc, it compiles every single folder within my main folder. I can't choose a certain script to compile.

I'd love to discuss it further with you to see if you can get this integrated. It seems a bit odd that i can't be done. Surely I'm not the only one who keeps all my scripts neat and tidy in one main folder. Am I?



Svennovich's picture

Hey, what you are requesting

what you are requesting is indeed not possible with the current version.
But i dont understand why each tool needs to be seperated llike that?
The idea I use is one folder = one script.
And in your case it is also more of one collection of similar tools?

If i would create installers like that they would be more likeadd-ons?
I am interested in expanding the installer feature so if you want we can discuss it further. Just send a pm.

Script_Butler's picture

Project folders

Firstly, nice script I think it will be useful for me, mainly for the publishing part!

I do have a question. All my scripts are in seperate folders for each script, but all those folders are within one folder so i can keep tabs on them easily.

When I open a project in your script i am only able to open this main folder and MSPM shows all my subfolders which is fine. But when I want to publish a certain script, it publishes this entire folder so the mzp has all my scripts in it.

I don't really want to have all my scripts in seerate folders as i might loose track of them.

Is there a way you can change it so you can choose a subfolder that you want to publish?

Or am i doing something wrong?



Svennovich's picture

MSPM 1.0

Ok, a new release of MSPM.
I rewrote the whole project from scratch so it will run much faster and managing your files goes much easier now.

A great improvement in this version is the MZP-installer template. Which provides functionality for installing and uninstalling your scripts.

Author profile will be connected to your projects when pubising your projects. This way people can easily contact you for requests and bug reports.

Templates for MS, XML and Projects can be created so you can save yourself time.

also all the MZP installers are Maxscript Manager compatible. This means that if you support your tool well that users will be announced when new updates are available.

Svennovich's picture

Hey freed, Ah max 2009 does

Hey freed,
Ah max 2009 does not support on create do() function.
Forgot about that.
I'll fix it as soon as possible, will post a new version end this week.

freed's picture

syntax error

hey sven im using max 2009 and get massage box
Syntax error at on, expected member name or local function:
In Line: on create do

Svennovich's picture

hey thanks lalamax3d, I am

hey thanks lalamax3d,
I am planning to add more tools for easy scripting, I will add functionality for scanning your ms content so that you can easily access certain parts.

thanks for the idea and the request :)

please let me know if you have anymore suggestions or problems with your current version.

lalamax3d's picture

too good

for few moments, menu, it feels, i am in some IDE, ideally should be part of max.. amazing, huge thanks

q- is it possible, to a list of functions in a lengthy file, so i can quickly move between functions and have complete IDE inside max...(just a thought)

lucpet59's picture

ok that worked thanks

ok that worked thanks

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