Notepad++ MXS Language Definition

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Ofer Zelichover

Maxscript language definition files for the notepad++ editor.

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1. install notepad++
2. copy the file maxscript.api to C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\ folder
3. copy userDefineLang.xml and insertExt.ini into your %appdata%\notepad++\ folder
If you have other user defined languages, you have to edit the userDefineLang.xml file manually
and append the maxscript section from this zip, if you overwrite the file with this version, you\'ll
lose your previously defined languages!

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<a href="" target="_blank" title="Notepdad++ editor">Notepad++ editor</a>
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Waltez's picture

error: maxscript.xml

when I run the script
I get the following error:
"--- Type error: Call needs function or class, got" D \ 1 \ maxscript.xml "

Even importing the file into maxscript.xml
"Notepad ++ v.7.2.2" from error:

"Fail to Import"

help would be useful
thank you

savascetin's picture

Hi there

I tried using NPP with ".api" file above. but I colud not make it work with autocomplete. So I modified a script made by James Haywood ( to write an ".xml" file. The ".ms" and the ".xml" file (in are at the attachment if anyone needs.

AttachmentSize 1.49 KB 51.71 KB
3dwannab's picture

Notepad++ Import

Seen some people saying you have to manually add the style. You can automatically import by choosing the menu in NP++:

Launguage>Define your launguage>Import>choose the .xml


NB: This won't affect what other styles you may have.

jos's picture

This is awesome. Now I can

This is awesome. Now I can write and execute everything from notepad++. Thanks alot!

Svennovich's picture

Hello, first of all thanks

Hello, first of all thanks for all this data!

Past weeks I have been working on using Notepad++ as external IDE for maxscript.
And finished most of the process.

I created an exe for sending maxscript messages to an open 3ds max process so you can connect this with notepad++

I was able to filter most of the syntax to separated categories which each can be found in a separate google doc for people who want to transfer it to different IDE.

Created a syntax highlighting file and a autocomplete list for NotePad++

Hope it can help!

br0t's picture

same for me, guess it needs

same for me, guess it needs to be updated

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

Martin Breidt's picture

Is this supposed to be still

Is this supposed to be still working for a recent version of Notepad++?
I am running v5.9.5 and get some pretty wild results when installing the files as described.

bobbysoon's picture

re: folding code blocks

I found an easy solution for folding code blocks:
For the un-acquainted, this is done in Np++'s View menu, 'User-Definition Dialog...'. Set user language to maxscript.
In the 'Comment & Number' tab, uncheck "Treat keyword as symbol" for comment lines ("--").
In the 'Folder & Default' tab, define folder open and close keywords as "(--" and ")-- ),--" ("),--" for collapsing struct members).
Then tack "--" onto your parentheses, and whala - predictable collapsibility!
Additionally, define "--(" & "--)" to collapse sections of your arbitrary choosing, for a total of "(-- --(" opening and ")-- ),-- --)" closing
Unfortunately, bracket matching wont highlight matching parenthesis pairs for these

yman's picture

I use for editing Notepad++

I use for editing Notepad++ because is a very complex program and support languages like C; C++; Java; C#; XML; HTML; PHP; CSS; makefile ASCII art (.nfo); doxygen ini file and other. Olso you can edit several documents at the same time. I got it from here: Notepad++

Ofer Zelichover's picture

Johan, I get an error when

Johan, I get an error when trying that link.

 Could you please send it to me directly to maxscripts [at] oferz [dot] com

By the way, I also used the Ultra Edit version as the basis for this, but also added some keywords that were missing (I think there are still a few missing keywords :)), but perhaps I should re-check it against the UE file just to make sure...



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