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A non-modal Object Properties window, very simliar to the original one in 3dsmax but this allows you to change selection with the dialog open!  It also has the VRayProperties window included so you don't have to switch dialogs when setting up passes. (Needs updating for VRay 3.0+) There is also a MaxScript tab which shows you loads of information about the object you have select and this is really powerful for learning to script!

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Run the macroscript and find Object Properties 2.0 under the 'DW Tools' Category.


Known Issues

There are a couple of bugs when it doesn't refresh but I've never been able to reproduce these so if you find a way please leave a comment.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2008+
Other Software Required: 
Vray 2.0 +
objprops2_1_0.mcr64.68 KB


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Corrupts User Defined Data

Great tool but noticed a bug. If your object has user defined data, it will get replaced by vRay property data when you click on the VRay tab.

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@Igor, I'd love to add Final

@Igor, I'd love to add Final Render Support, I'll ask them about a developers license so I can support it.

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Thanks for the reports, I'll

Thanks for the reports, I'll look into fixing these whilst I'm doing an update this week!

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Fantastic, realworld tool

Thank you so much for this gem Dave, it's making daily tasks so much easier.
One question please: i am finalRender user and several of my fR friends asked me if it's supported.
Can you please add support for cebas finalRender? I can provide all fR mxs documentation, just let me know what you need exactly. Similar as in Vray case, it hase some fR dependent tabs, checkboxes, options....

If it's easier to you, real.3d is my Skype name.
Huge thanks once again.

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Awesome !

A must have, I've been waiting for this for a long time, working heavily with User Defined Properties.
Thank you !

One functionality missing from the original one with "Multiple Objects Selected": you could set the same User Defined Properties to all selected objects.
In this script, only the first object in selection is changed.

Wish : a "find" field in UserDefined Properties Tab like in the Maxscript tab (and a replace Field :)?

Bug Report :
-switching to maxscript tab opens an error window if there is a missing texture on a material (texture showed as "missing" in the manage assets panel)
-if I'm on the UserDef Panel, then I click on the Vray panel, then I click back the UserDef Panel, the User Properties have been replaced by the Vray Properties values

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Sorry I must have forgot to attach it! New version out soon though!

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Is this posted anywhere?

Is this posted anywhere?

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Where is the download link?

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