Octane Render Queue

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Roberto Martinelli

The OctaneQueue script makes possible the Render Queue with Octan Render for 3dsMax.
I've translated the Queue by an animated camera: the Camera Queue.
The Octane Queue script finds all the cameras in the scene (they must have the defoult Octane Render Camera name) and their Target. The Octane Queue generates the new Camera Queue and animates it on the position of all the Cameras in the scene.
In order to start the Render Queue the user must render the animation of the CameraQueue.
If the user wants to set different image resolutions for each render, he has to use the Batch Render (in the 3dsMax Rendering menu).
The user can also export the CameraQueue animation to Octane Standalone, and start the render queue by the Batch Rendering utility.

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How to install the OctaneQueue Script:
Copy the script in the Scripts directory.

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The script is tested on 3dsMax2012 and 2014.
Other Software Required: 
Otoy Octane Render
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