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A toolbox for commong operations in octane render (which I'm using constantly..)
Switch from diffuse to glossy to specular using wirecolor quickly, add gradients, random color, quick add octane Daylight, quick octane properties etc..


- undo is not implemented so be careful

 - some buttons maybe do not work, I'm using it like this for a long time and no probs so far, only releasing it now since somone might find it usefull as I did, and maybe get some feedback on how it's working out for others

 works on 3ds max 2012 and up to 2015 so far, I copy it inside script/startup so it loads with max

 ..usage> drag the script to screen.. or add to script/startup to start it each time max starts

- selected to diffuse + wirecolor uses the object color information and sets that to the octane diffuse material, etc.. I think it is self explantory


small update v 0.14f select instances, and convert similar to instance / credits to the authors in the script 

Version Requirement: 
2012 + (2015 latest)
Other Software Required: 
octane render
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