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Useful utility if you need extra image margins for your renderings - it adjusts your camera and render settings so that your old image will be part of the new rendering without changing perspective - just like changing Canvas Size in Photoshop - but in 3D.

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New in v0.26: Support for animated FOV

New in v0.25: Basic support for Physical cameras (Vray and built-in, thanks K2000!); improved UI thanks to Lee Johnson.

New in v0.2: Option for keeping the original camera; dialog will remember original resolution; option for using relative or absolute size values

Just run the script with a camera viewport active and it will produce a dialog in which you can set the desired render resolution. Set your numbers - hit the button - then render at the new resolution - done.

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2008 - 2020


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Does Fstrom require its own

Does Fstrom require its own cameras?
If it can use the normal 3ds Max cameras then overscan should work, as it just changes the camera parameters and the common render settings.
Please let me know if you encounter any errors/malfunctioning.

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Does this work with Fstorm Renderer?

Hi guys.. Any way to put this script working with fstorm Renderer??

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This script isn't useful.

It's a must have feature!!!

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wow thank great solution

thank for this script Martin Breidt...
its helpfull

animator 3d

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Thanks a lot!

Still using this with Max 2017.

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Overscan script

Is there anyway you can update this script to work with current versions of 3ds max
like 2016? There is no more vray physical camera. There's just the physical camera and the standard camera now (both targeted and non targeted). Tried running your script on the physical camera and it only altered the output settings. The render is off instead of just extending the visible render area from the original camera.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Martin and k2000, huge thank

Martin and k2000, huge thank you!

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Thanks a looooooooot ! works

Thanks a looooooooot ! works like a charm with Vray.

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Thank you, this is extremely handy.

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Hi all,Here is the fixed

Hi all,
Here is the fixed version for Vray camera

added string after string 77
if classOf cam == VRayPhysicalCamera then cam.specify_fov = true

also corrected camera name to avoid names too long (you can easily make it back)

newCam[1].name = (cam.name + "_overscan")
-- newCam[1].name = (cam.name + "_overscan" + (xres_s.value as string) + "x" + (yres_s.value as string))

tested on 3dmax 2014 x64
vray 2.40.04

overscan02_-_vray_fixed.ms 4.47 KB

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