P_Scripts (Scripts & Shortcut Management Tool)

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P_Scripts is a 3ds Max Script & ShortCut Management tool.

P_Scripts displays a list of buttons based on the type, status, and modifiers of the selected object.
Hotkeys for using buttons in P_Scripts are independent of the shortcuts in 3ds max
It also contains the majority of the scripts you can see in the video

You can download the Demo version here.
(Verify functionality with demo version before download)
(Demo version differs in function and version. Especially the demo version works at a Slightly slower speed)

You can download the Full version here.

If you have any questions, ask me.
[email protected]
Welcome comments and feedback

--- update ---
v.1.1 (I've been able to update with a lot of support and requests. Thanks)
+ Create shortcuts for 4 functions (M , U , H , F)
+ Apply a new modifier to the top of the selected modifier
+ Automatic switch to modifier mode when applying modifier
+ When Edit Poly(Spline) is turned off, Editable Poly(Spline) pops up
+ fix bug (The problem that the modifier pop-up does not disappear)
+ fix bug (Problems not immediately reflected when applying more than one modifier)

+ Save settings
+ Add macro script

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