PEN Auto Material

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Auto Material is designed to aid in adding a base material to objects by selection - scene or automaticaly on creation. Serveral game clients have complained that their exporters will not work if there are not maps on every object in the scene and would like a solution to adding material as the objects are created.

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Installation: This script comes with a self installer. Down load PEN_autoMaterial.mzp and drag and drop it into a Max viewport. Open the Customize User Interface dialog and the macro scripts can be found in the category PEN Materials. Add the macros to your favorite quad - menu or button bar.

Use these scripts at your own risk. I have created and used them in several productions but I cannot be held responsible for any damage they may cause. Do not use the code in any of these scripts without giving PEN Productions or myself credit for their original creation. Please report any bugs in these scripts to Paul Neale at [email protected].

You can use and distribute these scripts at will.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7
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