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pixelPack allow to Pack yours UVW with a space around clusters adjustable in Pixel.

Additional Info: 

pixelPack is similar to the 'Pack' function of the 'Unwrap UVW' modifier but with this script the space between the UV clusters is adjustable in pixels. It also works on several objects at the same time. This allows to create optimised lightmaps for real-time applications. It is particularly useful if you use 'Edge Padding' of the 'Render To Texture'. It includes other optimizations like the protection of the smallest clusters.

What's news in this version ?
The Internal routines are completely rewritten.
The reliability is increased in the special cases like the combination of several modifiers.

1- Select the objects to be included in the pack (multiple selection allowed).
2- Choose the channel - the size of the future bitmap - the space around clusters in pixels.
3 - When it's done click on 'pack UV's'.

Known limitations:
- Only polys and meshes are supported (other objects are converts to Poly).
- instance or reference objects are not supported.
- Fill Holes Option is not supported fully : read the info in Options.

If you encounter bugs or problems that I am not aware of - please send me yours comments.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Installation of the macroscript:
1. Click the MAXScript item in the Main Menu - select Run Script...
2. Locate and select the script and press Open
3. Go to Customize > Customize User Interface and select the desired Tab (Keyboard - Toolbars - Quad or menu)
4. Locate the category 'UVWtoolBox' under group 'Main UI'
5. Search in the category for the name 'pixelPack'
6. Drag the script to the toolbar - Menu - QuadMenu or assign to a Shortcut

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6; 5
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