PolyLattice3 - Use EPoly as FFD deformers

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Jonah Peele

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I made this script to help with placing hair cards in 3DS. I'm sure you can think of more uses as well. The gif shows the usage and installation . 

Usage notes!:

1) The helper editpoly needs to have the original Material IDs of the of the default Box. The Material Id are used to determine the top/bottom/side vertices.

2) the helper editpoly must have good quads and can only be be split along the front and height. 1xNxN is fine, but 2x2x2 won't work. The FFD can't have interior control points, there aren't corresponding point on the mesh.

3) the left/right side of the of the editpoly is determinded by screen space X value. So make sure the camera is facing the front Material ID when running the script (MAT ID 5)

Version Requirement: 
?? works in 2020
polylat3_05272020.mcr9.26 KB