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Martin Breidt

(updated to v0.31) ProjectSwitcher is a Macroscript utility for quickly switching between multiple project folders. It keeps track of the previously opened projects, saves them to an .ini file and presents them in a dropdown list.

ProjectSwitcher UI

The dialog can be resized to accommodate long path names. v0.3 can also be docked at the top or bottom, v0.31 is using a floating dialog instead to restore compatibility with 3ds Max 2014.

Update to v0.31:

  • Due to a bug in 3ds Max 2014, version 0.3 no longer worked (project was no longer switched after selection in dropdown menu was made)
  • Therefore, a new version 0.31 has been released that no longer uses a dockable toolbar to host projectScripter but a floating dialog instead; this restores compatibility with 3ds Max 2014 again.
  • The script dialog now remembers size and postion.

Update to v0.3:

  • Automatic Project Switching when opening .max files: When opening the file c:\projects\myproject\scenes\file.max, this option will automatically set c:\projects\myproject\ as the new project folder. Thanks to Tollef Roe Steen for the suggestion.
  • No longer a macroscript; can be automatically run when 3ds Max starts

There seems to be a small bug in 3ds Max 2008. It causes projectSwitcher to always show a Browse-Folder-Dialog when swichting projects. This can be fixed by manually editing the file Macro_SetProjectFolder.mcr in the <3dsmax_root>\ui\macroscripts directory and changing

local _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_promptUser
local _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_newFolder

in line 25 and 26 to

global _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_promptUser
global _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_newFolder

Save the .mcr file and restart 3ds Max. This should return normal functionality for projectSwitcher

Additional Info: 

For automatic startup, just copy this script into your scripts\startup folder and restart 3ds Max.

Press the '?' button for a quick help screen, or see the header of the script file for detailed information.

Version Requirement: 
Other Software Required: 
v0.3 does not work correctly in 3ds Max 2014


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pedroamorim's picture

Does this script work as a

Does this script work as a dockable toolbar in 2017?

Martin Breidt's picture

INI file location

The .ini file is called projectSwitcher.ini and it is located in your 3ds Max plugcfg folder (inside the main 3ds Max folder).

Martin Breidt's picture

Now compatible with 3ds Max 2014

After a very long delay, I finally got around to fix the script (or rather create an alternative version) that restores compatibility with 3ds Max 2014.

PixelJockey's picture

Max 2014?

This is one of my favorite scripts, but it doesn't seem to work with Max 2014. I've tried it on several workstations, but no luck. You can Set a project folder, but the saved projects drop-down list doesn't change the project folder.

Vinc3r's picture


Thanks tassel, for your tip :)

Vinc3r's picture


Simple and useful script, well done.

Some little questions :

   - what the location of the .ini file ?

   - is there a way to call the script via a button or a custom menu ?

(I try to do it [I'm n00b on maxscript] with

macroScript projectSwitcher
  category:"Breidt tools"
  toolTip:"Project switcher"
  ButtonText:"Project switcher"

but it doesn't work... :)

natysoz's picture

Ty very much Tassel

Ty very much Tassel

tassel's picture

You can add

You can add "cui.dockDialogBar projectSwitcher_rollout #cui_dock_top" to the bottom of the script.

OR simply add "pos:[50,100]" after "createDialog projectSwitcher_rollout" at the end (Change number pos to whatever you want to position it right in your max)

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

natysoz's picture

How can we Make project switcher Stick in ui of 3ds max?

i download ur script its works Well! ! ! Good Job really!

but each time i open 3ds max 2012 the Window of the Scripts is in the middle of the 3ds max software

and i allways Drag him to the place i want him t stick....then i save ui and reopen and its open in same middle Point....

how can we fix it?

alteredgene's picture

Good morning!! i have been

Good morning!!

i have been using some of your scripts with great pleasure! specially the project switcher, simple idea, executed beautifully.

i have rescently jumped to vista 64bit, and was having issues with project switcher.  i just assumed it was some kind of bug, but found out that when ever i am in vista aero skin mode, the project switcher will behave weird, and won't let me click on the Ui items, as if the whole thing became the title bar.

but when i switch my vista to "xp" mode, as in turn off aero, and all those "aesthetic upgrades", it works like it should.

thought i let you know.  have not tested it out in win7 yet, but i have win7 64bit running at home, so will make some time to see if it does the same thing in win7.

again thanks for the script!

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