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Jonathan de Blok

Not really a script but a replacement for the default "Graphics Modeling Tools" ribbon.

  • compact  pro layout
  • stable in layout when switching between subobj modes
  • beter grouping of tools
  • less clicking due to smarter use of buttons
  • pixel perfect layout
  • Made as an extension, so it can be added to any existing ribbon
  • collapses logically on smaller screen
  • Original tooltips are still available
  • Optional new color sceme included.

(use right-click->'view image' to see the whole thing, )



Additional Info: 

how to install:

Copy the .xaml file to

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\en-US\UI\Ribbon\Extensions

(adjust the 'en-US' if you run a localized version)

The ProColors are optional and can be loaded through the 'color' tab in the 'customize interface' dialog.

Version Requirement: 
proribbon_v1_0.zip57.76 KB
proribbon_2014.zip57.84 KB
proribbon_2016.zip52.87 KB


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Sure, 2016 version added!

veritaslemalin's picture

hi, Can we have 2016 version

Can we have 2016 version of pro ribbon?

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Max 2014 paintdeform (SHIFT) Bug !!!

guys help me out with this BUG !

3ds max 2014 Shift tool doesn't work like before !!!!

In 3ds max 2013 ( first right clck is to undo the action, second right click is to exit the tool)which is the right way.
but in 3ds max 2014 (first right click do both)!!! so you can't undo and stay with the tool !

How this Bug can be fixed?
I posted this subject many times in Autodesk Area, they are not interested in fixing it !
It's a major BUG !
guys I need your help...what should I do ?

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i'd like some buttons

I made myself one ribbon i shared it on area forums before they wiped out half of forum threads, but I'd like to use yours, but with some additional buttons that I had. I'd like to have Front,Back,Left,Right, Top and Bottom Views (Just with first letter, replaces nicely, navigation cube), switch between wired/shaded and shaded with wire views. i can post you mine ribbon so you can see what I did so far, I have main tab with some modifiers and so on.

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Is it so difficult to write normal install instruction??? After putting files to indicated location nothing happens! I have max 2013 x64 and I can only load .ribbon files. What I'm doing wrong?

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John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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It's possible to load ProRibbon v1.0 in 2012.


It is possible to get it to load in 2012. Please remember it wasn't made for versions older than 2013, so there might be some issues; and if there are problems, don't expect any support from the creator.

I've had a quick play with it in 2012; so far all the usual tools seem to work ok.


Try putting the .xaml file in here;

For example, my full path is;
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\UI\Ribbon\Extensions\ProRibbon_v1_0.xaml

*fixed subject line

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RE: Loading ?


If your ribbon files have a *.ribbon extension then you are using a version of 3ds Max prior to 2013. The description of this ribbon enhancement here on ScriptSpot states that it only works for 3ds Max 2013.

Jeff Hanna
Principal Technical Artist, Volition

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Makes it so much better!

This made the ribbon so much better and faster to work with!
However, in the edit tab, there is no previous or next modifer and if you don't want to switch to the command panel and you don't want to switch to the old graphite toolbox, it would be nice to have that in place as well. I personally haven't fiddled with the ribbon so I don't know if it's easy for you to add or if it's something I can add to your ribbon?

Beside that, great work!

Wasn't that hard to fix, but you've built a great foundation, thanks!

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Read the install instructions

Read the install instructions :) It's an ribbon extension, not a complete ribbon. This makes it possibe to add to any existing ribbon without replacing the whole thing.

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