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This is simple script for renaming and managing objects on the go.

To install script Just
1. Unzip "Quick Manager v1.0.rar"
2. Keep "MyLibrary.mat" to that folder if you are going to keep that folder.
If you are going to delete that folder, then put "MyLibrary.mat" to following location - "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\materiallibraries"
1. run "Quick_Manager_1.0.ms" from MAXScipt-Run Script.
2. Then go to Customize-Customize User Interface.
3. Find "Quick_Manager" Under "Sharad Tools"
4. Assign Shortcut for it.

Script will Renames objects
Put them in separate layer
Adds UVW box modifier with 10*10*10 feet
Sets unique wirecolor to objects
Adds a material from libary--that you can edit.

Just remember that name of material doest mater just the sequence of material in material libary.

Select object to rename and press predefined button or enter custom name and press enter.
Script will rename and close.

it is for quickly managing(naming, layer, wirecolor and basic material) scene while working.

You can edit material libary to add your materials for specific objects

To edit names
edit names of respective button in UI
and edit 'on pressed' button exucution code

to edit "Wall Stucco" button to "Wall Siding"
1. button 'wall_stucco' "Wall stucco" pos:[10,129] width:69 height:25 align:#left
button 'wall_siding' "Wall Siding" pos:[10,129] width:69 height:25 align:#left

2. on wall_stucco pressed do
lacolor_02 "wall_stucco_" (color 37 129 180)
d_mat 1
uv_mat ()
destroydialog QuickRenamer

on wall_siding pressed do
lacolor_02 "wqall_siding_" (color 37 129 180)
d_mat 1
uv_mat ()
destroydialog QuickRenamer

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