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Patrick Probst

This script will apply one 1x1x1 meters UVW-Map modifier in box mode to each selected object with a normal click.
Regardless of system unit type the size will always remain 1x1x1 meters.
If shift-clicked, it will apply a real world map size UVW Map modifier instead.

I use this frequently in architectural visualizations for applying a standard uvw map to most of the objects.

Only tested with 3ds max 2013!

I am not responsible for any damage caused by this or any other of my scripts to your scene, software or computer.

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Only tested with Autodesk 3ds max 2013, may be compatible to older versions


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No work in 3dsmax 2016-2018

Help! No work in 3dsmax 2016-2018. If the UVW map modifier is already assigned, the script does not work.

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It is OK right now

I downloaded it again now, and it works again as it should. I am using 3ds max design 2013.
I noticed one thing, which if you can solve it, it will be perfect.
When I apply the script - it add modifier on top of all other modifiers, and if in the stack there is another one - the script deletes the old one. It will be great if the script can add more than 1 UVW modifier, for example if you use polyselect, then uvw, then again polyselect and again uvw.

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Which max version are you

Which max version are you using?

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error again:

After 2 days of using the script I get an error again:

"selection error:"
"You have to select at least one object."

I receive it on a editable poly or mesh object, a primitive or not, on an instance object, or on a copy, an object which is in group or outside any groups, after resetting the XForm. I restart 3D max couple of times.
I have opened an old scene where I have an object with the modifier applied on it, I delete the modifier which is working and try to add new one with the script and again the same error.

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Good job, now everything works perfect, as it should. Thanks!

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Apparently I have accidentally uploaded old unfinished code which doesn't work at all - something with my backups screwed up, the current code apparently does not work at all, I am in the process of fixing it. Sorry.

Just updated the script and changed some stuff, see log on my homepage. Tested it here at home and it should work properly now. As always, thanks for the feedback, keep it comin' !

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I am trying to use the script with 3Ds MAX Design 2013 64 bit, Win 7 Pro 64 bit. When I press the button "QuickUVW" i get this error:

-- Argument count error: checkForMod wanted 1, got 0.

I have tried on mesh, poly, and primitive geometry. and always get the same error.

May be it is because of the 2013 version... i don't know.

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The links are all fixed now. as well updated my website to contain changelogs, features and known issues. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the commint! :-) I

Thanks for the comment! :-) I just uploaded them and fixed the link.

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