Random Noise Maxscript

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Add random noise via X - Y - or Z axis with this maxscript. RandomNoise let's you specify a strength in three axis directions and a direction (subtractive or additive). I wrote this before i wrote the Random Selector Maxscript. I tend to just use the selector and adjust vertices by hand nowadays. But the script documents how to alter vertices pretty simply. I included it here as a guide to build your own maxscripts.

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This maxscript was written and tested in StudioMax version 6 and version 3. If you have success or failure on additional versions - please let me know via our help page.

I run this maxscript as a toolbar button - but you can also put it in your utilities by moving the script to 'scriptsstartup'. Want to add this to your toolbar? Go to Utilities > Maxscript > New Script. Paste this script into the window. Drag-and-drop the script code on a toolbar to create a new button which runs this script.

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