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This script lets you select a object to be hidden or unhidden.
It supports single objects - a group of objects and hierachies.

This is usefull if your objects are distributed over several layers - for example development plans.

Additional Info: 

The script comes with to macroscripts:

* the GUI: to select the object
* the Trigger: to trigger the action to hide/unhide via a keyboard shortcut

To use it - go to Maxscript / Run Script and pick this file. You will find it in the 'rdg::preset' category of Customize -> Customize User Interface . and you'll be able to assign the script to a quadmenu - shortcut key - etc.
Look for the scripts titled 'GUI: quick hide or reveal a specified object.' and 'TRIGGER: quick hide or reveal a specified object'.
Assign a shortcut and voila - you're done!

Version Requirement: 
8; 7
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