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Harrison Yu

After watch a few rigging reel using xsi or maya,I think that it would be much easier in animating if the rig has realtime delay effect.

But I was confuse how to do in max until I got a sample scene from zhangy(

After study that scene,I wrote this script.I give a name:realtime spring.But it doesn't have the "shake" effect,I mean when the dynamic object reach the driver object's position it would stop.So it actually make a delay effect.



a demo video shows how to use it:

and 2 video about making loop animation:

A fish swimming scene(max9):

It's preview animation:

My english is bad,so I recode the video in chinese,hope you understand the usage.

I am not good at R&D too,so it has much more space to improve.

Maybe someone would make it better.

ps:script tested in max8 and max9.

Thanks to:

Zhangy(make the basic idea)

Mingyu (for testing ang making fish example scene)



update version 1.1

fixed:error when the scene has biped object.

update version 1.2

fixed:script controller error in max8.

update version 1.3d

*add filter fucntion to manage spring node by comment.

*loop before bake:loop animation few times before baking,get stable action in loop animation

*bake animation speed,when you get good movement with different animation speed,use this funciton to bake it.

*subsample,use "bake with subsample frames" button to do more percise calulation.


update version 1.4

*press esc key to exit when baking

*make it work in max8 


update version 1.4g max8

*fix some bug in max8,and take away the "force update" function.


My email:[email protected]

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Just watching the video (find download link in Description)

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tested on max8,max9,may not work in lower version
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When I add key frames and move the spring nodes it doesn't work properly.And how to bake the animation.


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hi gandhi, the video works,

hi gandhi,
the video works, but its chinese,
the main thing is that u build a chain of objects, with parent-child hierachy, use my parentize script to do this quickly and automatically,
then you select the first parent of the chain

run the realtime script

and hit
build chain

now start moving the object!

you can click FORCE UPDATE so it constantly updates itself, then it becomes alive!
its really easy to bake the animation if u need to,
but playing with it in realtime is even more fun! :)

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Hey Man

Can U send me some tutorial on
my E-mail:[email protected]


A.K.Gandhi's picture

Send some tutorial

Hi Harrisyu all the videos are corrupt.can u send me some tutorial brother?
I will be very thankfull to you!


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harrisyu: thanks for creating

harrisyu: thanks for creating and sharing!

suvakas: thank you for convertig to make it work in max 2011!

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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Hey Men, Tnx!!

Hey Men, Tnx!!

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Update for Max9 - 2011

Update for Max9 - 2011 ...

Hey all, I needed to do some fish animation and this script is just an awesome tool for that. Thank you Harrison for writing it!
Since the script used old ActiveX controls, then I converted it to dotNet instead. I hope the author doesn't mind? It should now work in Max versions 9 - 2011.

I uploaded it to my site. Maybe someone else finds it useful too:

Take care,

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Any plans to update this

Any plans to update this script for max 2010 64 bit?

capcaverna's picture

have any version this to max

have any version this to max 2009 x64?

The life is Good

W DIGITAL's picture

can anyone rewrite for

can anyone rewrite for max2009?

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