Reindeer Free

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Reindeer the node based render manager for 3dsMax is FREE to use during 2022 and probably longer.

Reindeer has been used for many years on lots of projects. It's a flexible tool not just for rendering. Use it for automating rendering or simulations or storing scene specific scripts in the scene file. Check out videos at the following link:

It is free for the time being (possibly forever), due to the costs of making it commercial being higher than the revenue (classic lose-lose).

Additional Info: 

Follow the install instructions/video! You need the Helium plugin for the node ui to work. It can be found at:

-Nothing needs to be installed on a renderfarm for Reindeer to work.
-Nothing needs to be installed to open a scene containing a Reindeer setup.
-No license needs to be installed, it expires automatically at the end of the year. Just pick up the latest version to keep using Reindeer.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2012
Other Software Required: 
Helium plugin (Free)
Video URL: 
Reindeer_2022_FREE.zip3.11 MB