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Nick Moutafis

Hello there,

I'm back after long time with a new script about file retargeting. If you try it, let me know what you think.

See the video for more (sorry for the bad sound).


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***Update 20/11/11
BugFix: Under certain circumstances the duplicate check didn't worked and I fixed it.

***Update 13/11/11
I've added support for UNC missing files. (in the next version this will be optional cause Asset Tracking is a bit slow for searching missing Network Paths)

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I think that I have made it to ignore case by default.. :/
I'm about to re-create it almost from scratch. I'll probably start the development in a couple of months. Would it be a problem for you to wait until the next version?

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case sensitive

Sometimes the script does not find filenames where the case is not the same:

MapleLeaf.jpg vs mapleleaf.jpg

Is there a way you could add a feature to ignore case?


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Hello again crystal3d,

The script by default ignores case. It is set to just check the letters by converting both target and source to lowercase. In the two names I can see a type difference. AM99.bump.jpg has a "." before "bump". I don't know if this is just a typo.

Anyway, thanks! I really appreciate your comments!

PS. If you want, please send me an email at sinokgr at


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the delay is not important but i really would prefer using your

script meanwhile.

an option to "ignore case", currently it can not recognize if the path is AM99.bump.jpg from am99bump.jpg

same goes for file extensions...

good luck with your current project, have a nice day

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Hey crystal3d, I remember

Hey crystal3d,

I remember your requests and I had started their development when you first proposed them, but unfortunatelly I got involved in some projects and I don't really have any free time to finish them.

I'll do my best to find these extra hours for the tool. I also have a batch new ideas for the next version and I'm really looking fwd to add them.

Sorry for the delay though,

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there are my suggestions still :)

2# - An adress bar for "fast-pasting" "paths".just like pasting www adress to a browser. Two-clicks and "BAM" it should be linking stuff already.
3# - changing the order or stored paths for having a more "organized look"
for example, i may select a path and hit the "up" button button so that it will move it upper part or to top of the list"

and looking forward to it! :)

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Cool that's great news! Yes,

Cool that's great news!

Yes, I'm open to any suggestions!! :D

cheers mate :D

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Thanks for your C&C!.

Thanks for your C&C!. Basically that was the exact same reason that I developed this script (plus a couple more, such as that all this kind of scripts are encrypted and I couldn't contribute with some changes/improvements in the code).

I'm very busy atm but I'll add this to the wishlist for the next release. :)

if you have any further wishes/ideas let me know.


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Hey this sounds really good.

Hey this sounds really good. I love Relink Bitmaps by Colin Senner, but it just didnt do all file formats, so I used a combination of RB, Relink Assets, and the Asset Tracking Tools which is annoying. Thanks!
One thing: Could you add something like a progress bar? Dont know if that makes sense as I guess it would jump from left to right when adding subfolders in the search, and I dont know if it has impact on performance, but I dont really like scripts that do something and let me wait without any chance to know if they still operate. Great script anyways.

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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Hey Sinok :)

Glad that you fixed that problem, i have just been through a rough deadline lately and I am continously using the script,no other problems yet, however i can suggest some more features if you are interested. let me know


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