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A tiny little script to reset 3DS Max “floating” Windows to position 0,0 in upper left when they are gone or out of range.
Just give me a note or comment to add more floaters since i guess i have missed some of them, or just add the line(s)yourself to the script and upload the file again ;o)

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Reset 3DS Max Windows V1.3 – Reset All 3DS Max “floating” Windows to position 0,0 upper left when they are gone or out of range.

- Put the files in maxroot\scripts\ (e.g.: C:\3dsmax2012\Scripts\)
- Tested with 3DS Max 2009 <--> 2012

Last Modified: May 04, 2011
Author: Raymond Homme Ingebretsen

Use & modify at you own risk.

Anubis for 3dsmax.ini backup code

V1.0: First version.
V1.1: Added more 3DS Max Floater windows.
V1.2: Added support to reset invidually.
V1.3: Added Backup 3dsmax.ini (By Anubis /

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jgk1981's picture

Is it possible to Reset

Is it possible to Reset custom toolbars?
For example when the toolbar was on another monitor and now working with one monitor the toolbar position is still exist on the position it was with the second monitor. can you bring the floating toolbar to the center?

otmorozen's picture

Hi! Thank you for you

Thank you for you script!
Can you please add function for reset "isolate selection" floater. And for resetting floating toolbars if it possible.
Thanks a lot!

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stealthx's picture

Thank you!

Thank you!

carlesimo's picture

Amazing Scrip!

Thanks dude!

evilmpire's picture

great script! i miss the

great script! i miss the option to reset the Curve Editor though ;)

Dariusz's picture

Reset position of icons to OTHER DISPLAY PLZZ


BIG. HUGE. ENORMOUS... favor plox.

Can u make settings to set up on other display than 0.0 ?

I have dell 1920x1200 and Centiq 1600x1200 and I use max only on Centiq, Its such a pain when icons keep ALL the time reseted on other screenn... Can u plz make option to set new default icon positions on second screen plz ?

The color swatch is specially anoying... wrrrr

Thanks, ciao ! :D

othoap's picture


MarkD - I AGREE 1000%
This is my number one max UI compliant. It's as if the rollout's know exactly where your working and place the window right on top of your work. If I had my way there would be NO floating rollouts. Rollouts would open in the "Control Panel"

MarkD's picture

I was mostly thinking of

I was mostly thinking of positioning a window where you want it and by clicking a button, set its new default position. This isn't so much an issue with max's windows like the material editor, but more with scripts and various plug-ins that always pop open a window in the dead center.

So for example every time you launch 5 or 6 scripts and they all pop up in the center and each time you have to arrange all the windows. It would be awesome if there was a way to set the default position for each one.

It's probably less of a global max issue and more of an individual script issue that would require something entirely new and unique, probably like a script manager that copies the scripts and edits their position if that's even possible... That sounds like a lot of work... =P

tassel's picture

Hi MarkD What do you mean by

Hi MarkD

What do you mean by "set current position as default" ?

You want the 3ds max current positions when you installed 3dsmax to be the current positions?
You want to take a backup of you window positions, so these can be restored when 3dsmax.ini screws up?

Anyway, all off you: feel free to improve and optimize the script to make it better.

I think Lonerobot's solutions is much nicer than this one, and maybe he will add some more functionality to his script like making it even more usefull if people request it? :D

Lonerobots solution:

/ Raymond

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