Save/Load animations

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Ciprian Vilau

this script allows you to save and load animatiosn in 3ds max

update: animation layer controllers support

requirements: objects MUST have unique names and theese names MUST have letters, numbers and _ only, no special character

supported controllers: position_xyz, bezier_position, tcb_position, euler_xyz, tcb_rotation, scaleXYZ, bezier_scale, tcb_scale


1. Select the objects you want to save animation

2. Let the "Time Range" checkbox checked if you want to save all the animation visible in the Time Range or uncheck it and choose the range you want

3. Click the "Save" button and choose a path and a name for your saved animation

4. Select the Objects you want to load animation on.

5. Select the frame you want to load animation at 6. Click "Load" button and select the animation you like to load. (The animation is loaded on the active controllers)

you can test it and e-mail me at [email protected]

Additional Info: 

how it works: it takes the animation on the active controller of each selected object, saves it, and the loads it on the active controller of every selected object(it must be the same type as the saved one)
it works fine for me, better than save/load in max, especially for tcb controllers :D

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 9, 3ds max 2009
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