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Joel Hewitt

So basically what this tool allows you to do is to move a bunch of objects using Max's scale tool, in a similar way that can be done with vertices in sub-object mode, whilst not affecting the scale of the objects.

It works by creating points for each object and instancing position and rotations controllers of the objects to the points - so you can happily scale the points and not affect the objects because the points will be removed when you are finished.

I also added another feature called 'Skewing Mode' where you can select 2 points to be the master points and have all the other points move in proportion to their original positions. I'm not sure if 'skewing' is the right term but its what I've ended up calling it anyway.

I haven't tested this script for animation purposes, it was mainly designed to position groups of objects whilst keeping distance proportions.

There are also options for filtering out selected objects in a hierachy or groups.

Finally there is a 'Quick Align' section that allows you to align the selected objects in the X/Y/Z axis

Update: Version 0.02

Bug Fix: Added a new function to make the Quick Align Tools work properly with linked objects.

Additional Info: 

Extract to your 3ds max root directory. Overwrite files if prompted. Restart max and assign the macro found in the JH_Tools category to a toolbar / quad etc.

A small (4Mb) video demo of the usage of the tool is also attached to this post. I think it explains things fairly clearly.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 8 or higher
Video URL: 
SMT_demo.zip3.68 MB
Scale_Move_Tool_0.02.zip5.84 KB


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harika - muhteşem - teşekkür ederim

ı am 3ds in an 3ds my in

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You can right-click the

You can right-click the unzipped swf file and open it in internet explorer.

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upload video to youtube if

upload video to youtube if possible. I don't have a swf player.

John Martini
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just see the demo video,

just see the demo video, amazing !!! thanks a lot

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thanks, just what i was looking for! should be a standard in max imo;)

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