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Jonathan Baecker



The script is also dockable and it has now a right click menu:


This MaxScript collecting all materials, maps and texture, it also allow to search materials, maps or textures by name. You can modify the texture path, also for multiple selections, and you can copy the selection to the material editor.

In version 1.0 I change the listview to dotnet, the background color change now depend on the type.

In version 1.2 I remove the process-bar, because I think it make no sence, by a test the scripts list 1000 Materials with one sub map in less the two seconds... Now without this the gui is more clear. I also fix some small bugs and work on the usability.

In version 1.3 the script have now also a drag and drop function, that means that you can drag materials from the list to a object. From list to material editor doesn't work at the moment (when someone have a idea how to realize that please let it me know.) I also optimize the code  bit more and now theoreticle all materials, shaders and map will work, also no standard ones from other render engines.

In version 1.5 I remove arrays and work more with dotnet values, I cleanup the code more, add progressbar, speedup texture sort function and I work on change multiple textures path (maybe not finish).

Version 1.6 sort now faster the list when it shows only the textures. And I add the slotname to the tooltip.

I hope you found it useful, feel free to post commends, tips, bugs and wishes.


When you download it from the github link, you always get the newest version.


Have a nice time!

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3ds Max 2013 and above
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zahidhasan's picture

nicely done.i think it

nicely done.i think it developed very quickly into a powerful script.i started working a wishlist.the slot names in separate column would be a bit much.

do you think the slot names might a better in a lighter tone of grey or italic.
double clicking a texture name should send it to active slot.

pepelepeu's picture

very interesting. I'm just

very interesting.

I'm just thinking...maybe it could be useful to have a button to export to an xml file to use in excel.
This way you can use all the functionalities that excel provides to sort and stuff.

jb_alvarado's picture

Texture Slot Name

Ok, now I found a way to get the name from the texture slot. But I am not sure witch is a useful place for that. Alone in a line is to much I think. And after the texture name maybe is a bit bad.



What are you thinking?

jb_alvarado's picture

optimize the search command and add a sort function for the text

Thank artkitekt,
I change to the matchPattern function! I am very new in maxscript, so I glad for all tips and tricks! I also found little bugs and dead code, and I also add a sort command for the texture list. But I think it works not 100%

artkitekt's picture

JB, This is very useful and

JB, This is very useful and the interface is well designed. Maybe look into the function 'matchPattern' to make the search functionality less prejudice? Other than that, keep up the good work!

Andru Phoenix
ATK Developer

jb_alvarado's picture

Hello zahidhasan, thank you

Hello zahidhasan,
thank you for your feedback! I add a function for show the missing textures. The option: showing maps from selected objects I am not sure how useful it is, because you can pick the material also, but in general I think is not so complicate to implement this. The option for a new column for slot name I really don't know how tho write this in a fast and easy way.

zahidhasan's picture

thanks a lot for your script.

thanks a lot for your script. i think with some more functionality this will be a big time saver. like could you add a button/checkbox for marking the missing textures in red.and option for showing maps only from selected objects.may another column at left for the slot name(diffuse.bump).

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