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This is a small c# class I wrote to help me send gmail from maxscript. I am going to use this in a special project where I need an email as soon as the rendering is complete then it sends me an preview image of that image.

You might need another reason for being able to gmail from inside 3dsmax.

The reason it is hardcoded for gmail was due to the requierments of my project. If there is a need for opening up so that you can have any settings, then I might do that in the future.

See included maxscript for how you can add this to one of your scripts.

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System requierments :
1. You need at least .net 3.5 installed.
2. A gmail account to send from
3. I am using SSL and port 587 for sending... if thoose are blocked then you might have a problem
4. I have tested it in 3dsmax 2010 and 2011.

See the maxscript file included "exampleScript for sending" for some examples on how to use it inside 3dsmax.

I have attached the C# sourcecode if someone wants to do their own version. It is made in Visual Studio 2010.

os3dgooglecommunicate-everything you need to run it in 3dsmax.zip77.46 KB
googlecommunication-C#-source code VS2010.zip59.99 KB


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leasoncarter's picture

This one

This one  also offers emailing service.

jos's picture

Dont know if it will work on

Dont know if it will work on max 9. It's with dotnet.
Dont know if there is a way.. I dont have max 9
tested on max 2012 64bit

fajar's picture

wow ..that will be good, i

wow ..that will be good, i wonder if it can be supported in max 9 too, im very need that. Wait for your script jos.

jos's picture

gmail, hotmail and custom mail adress

I can send mail without ddl or something. just with maxscript and dotnet. I can send mail via my hotmail,gmail and custom mailadress. I'll post this soon!

Anton Berg's picture

well there are quite a few...

in fact it is not at all the same.

The notify function inside the render dialog is a good feature but you need your own smtp server that you can send from which can be complicated when people and companies are moving away from hosting themselves and on google apps for example. Then if you work at a big company like me there also might be other problem to be able to access the smtp server from a render server.

On the plus side the integrated function inside 3dsmax works really nice if you just want to be notified when the render is complete and your renderslaves can access the smtp server. It has a nice gui for just this and you dont have to bother with scripting ;-) But this is the only place inside 3dsmax where you have this functionality.

My script-function has the advantage to be used whenever you want to send an gmail from whatever script and time. But it demands that you do some scripting.

If you want to get an email as soon as the frame is complete then you need to look into learning something about post-render scripts.

If you have a big batch script that is converting files from one format to another and want to be informed if it fails or is done, then it is really useful to have a function like this. But that is my opinion.

Hopefully someone might find it useful and not use it to send spam ;-)

Anton Berg

mad's picture

i have second question for

i have second question for you :)
whats the difference between standart max email notification and your script
i didnt notice it before...

mad's picture


for a fast answer not a programmer and i dont understand C# so ill trust you :)

Anton Berg's picture

as safe as it can be... it is gmail.

Well glad you like it... not sure how to answer this. If you usually use gmail for sending emails then this is no difference.

I created a separate/new gmail account that I use for sending. So I can sort thoose emails in a special folder. I have installed it on my renderfarm so I get an email to my phone as soon as the render is complete.

Remember that all emails sent will get stored in your output folder of the gmail account. So you need to delete some sent emails after a while.

If you think I have some hidden code in there... which I have not. Then please look at the C# source code and create your own version.

Anton Berg

mad's picture

it looks REALLY COOL thanks a

it looks REALLY COOL thanks a lot for sharing ill test it tomorrow
but i have one question ...its safe?

Anton Berg's picture

sry I have no plans on doing more gui for this.

I wanted to easily add this functionality to a post render script or maybe a long batch script that can send out error messages or a "finished" email when done. Then all I have to do in that script is to add:

GmailPlugin = "C:\\Project\\GoogleCommunication.dll" 
assembly = dotNetClass "System.Reflection.Assembly" 
NameSpace= assembly.loadfrom GmailPlugin  
Gmail = dotNetObject "GoogleCommunication.GoogleEmailer" "[email protected]" "youName for display" "yourGmailPassword" 
Gmail.SendMessage "[email protected]" "anton berg" "The Subject" "The message" true #("c:\\aFileonYouDisk.txt" ) 

then it is done..

Anton Berg

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