Shater ClothSim - The Simulation Beast

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New Time saving tool for cloth simulation

-- random wire colors
-- delete turbosmooth and shell before putting cloth --if needed
-- create a guide of cylnders for collision on biped hands legs

-- identefy cloth meshes and collision meshes be selecting order one click and u will have them setup
--multi cloth objects on one simulation automatic olso by selection order.

after simulation
-- add turbosmooth shell shortcuts
-- checks for everything has cloth modifier and add turbosmooth automatic

caching -not point cache just vertex caching on editablemesh object-
-- vertex cache of any object to keyframes .
-- save cashed cloth on the same location
-- merge cloth when needed

Additional Info: 

this is small video showing the tool , but i made some changes on the interface only
it shows some of mcloth tool script that was inside it too , you can find the - mcloth tool- here on this blog&scriptspot as separated sctipt.

Version Requirement: 
tested on 2011 and above , but i suppose it works with any ver has cloth modifier
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